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COVID 19 Update

With the rise of coronavirus cases nationwide, Bridgeview Health Care Center has closely monitored our residents and staff and taken precautionary measures recommended by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Effective Date: March 26, 2020

We can confirm several residents have gone and tested positive for COVID-19. The nursing home has followed CDC procedures and has been in contact with the local health department. Additionally, we have had a resident who had only been in the facility 10 days transfer to the hospital and test positive. In this case, that resident did pass a few days later due to pneumonia associated with Covid-19, along with other complicating factors at the hospital. There have been some additional residents who were transferred to the hospital in unstable condition experiencing increased respiratory issues and high fevers. Each of them were tested and found to be positive. Currently these residents are in the hospital and will return once stable.

The nursing home has cancelled communal activities and dining, to protect our residents. The facility is following CDC, Illinois Department of Public Health and local health department infection control guidelines. We monitor the health and symptoms of all staff and residents. Including taking the temperature and completion of a questionnaire by all staff prior to working. If an employee shows symptoms they are not allowed to work. They are sent home with a mask on and told to follow up with their physician. All residents are assessed at a minimum of every 8 hours including their vital signs and oxygen levels. If a resident shows symptoms they are placed in isolation, extra precautions are taken and their physician is notified.

We recognize that testing is a vital part of this process but when we inquired about testing residents and staff, the standard does not advise testing for anyone who is asymptomatic.

"Testing is performed for individuals who are part of a cluster of confirmed cases or possible cases among those who work or live in a residential congregate setting, such as the nursing homes," said Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, during a state briefing on COVID-19 in Illinois.

"We will not recommend tests for every single resident or staff of a long-term care facility," Ezike continued. "Rather, we will take all the precautions necessary and, as soon as any staff or residents develop symptoms, they will be isolated and treated” Bridgeview Health Care Center has reached out to elected officials for help and will continue to do so.

What we have done and continue to do:

For more than two weeks prior to any active cases were identified here, we proactively initiated and implemented increased infection prevention strategies and practices. These activities included:

  • Symptom screening of staff.
  • Symptom screening of residents.
  • Enhanced environmental cleaning and disinfection (video on this page).
  • Restriction of all family and friend visits and restriction of Physician/Nurse Practitioner visits and implementation of Telehealth procedures to try and close the gap of an infection break in our facility.
  • Assessing and ordering additional PPE supplies. We have been fortunate to continue to have appropriate supplies and whenever temporarily out of an item we have used a CDC approved substitution.
Our Increase Monitoring of all Residents Continues:

The most significant monitoring for further spread of the virus is to identify increased symptoms and increase the frequency of monitoring of our residents’ vital signs, place the individual in precautionary appropriate isolation, as instructed by the local health department and obtain any other diagnostic procedures according to physician orders.


Martha Peck, LNHA

Bridgeview Health Care Administrator

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